Off-The-Wall Interview Technique

Every candidate is looking for an edge in the interview process. In this Pepsi Max spot, the candidate takes the interview to a new level. He has managed to hear back from one company for an interview. He is not going to blow this opportunity! Instead of using professional advice he consults his mates and come up with a great plan. The question, “What makes you think you qualify for this job?” doesn’t usually lead to assault and battery!

The surprising thing from an HR perspective, is how many positive traits are required to successfully execute this interview. The candidate displays a good measure of ...

  • Problem Solving

  • Outside the Box Thinking

  • Creativity

  • Planning

  • Ingenuity

  • Risk Taking

  • Confidence

  • Initiative

  • Collaboration

  • Resourcefulness

  • Leadership

Candidates who demonstrate these kind of competencies are invariably 'A' players. These are many of the skills that all three jobs above are looking for!

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