Resolve to Hire Higher This Year

According to the late Steve Jobs, hiring the BEST people for your business is your most important task as a business owner. In an interview with the iconic Apple founder, Jobs said the following:

“Assume you’re by yourself in a start-up and you want a partner. You’d take a lot of time finding the partner, right? He would be half of your company. Why should you take any less time finding a third of your company or a fourth of your company or a fifth of your company? When you’re in a start-up, the first ten people will determine whether the company succeeds or not. Each is 10 percent of the company. So why wouldn’t you take as much time as necessary to find all the A players? A small company depends on great people much more than a big company does.”

Is that how you look at recruiting new hires in your business? I know that for many business owner’s recruitment can be a time consuming, frustrating and expensive process that they would rather not have to do. However, I am in complete agreement with Steve on this one – recruiting the right people for your business is CRITICAL and one you simply can’t afford to get wrong.

This year resolve to make higher hiring the one resolution you keep.

· Resolve to develop an effective hiring process.

· Resolve to train your hiring managers on how to interview.

· Resolve to not cut corners in your hiring.

· Resolve to only hire the 'A' players

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