Job Simulations: Helping your ROI!

Dr. Charles Handler, President of Rocket-Hire, a firm dedicated to creating and driving innovation in talent assessment, has been an advocate for using simulations in hiring for years. He firmly beleives that simulations are the future of pre-employment assessements. In this article he takes a look at what the future may look like for simulations. He also discusses the key areas where job simulations will help your company's ROI. When used as part of the hiring process, job simulations provide:

  • A High Degree of Candidate Engagement. Simulations are engaging and fun.

  • A High Degree of Accuracy. Since simulations are miniature replicas of the job, they highlight compentencies that are necessary to drive job success. Scores on simulations are likely to be strongly correlated with actual job performance.

  • A Realistic Job Preview. Simulations provide candidates with the opportunity to try out the job in question. They enable candidates and staff engage and interact in realistic job-related scenarios. Applicants who do not feel the role is for them to remove themselves from consideration, saving time and money.

  • Reduced Bias. Simulations offer a way to help reduce bias and subjectivity in the hiring process due to their realism. Simulations focus on the key drivers of job success, not on how well someone interviews.

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