Are Job Simulations Right for You?

Picture this: You're in an airplane ready for takeoff. The pilot comes on the intercom and announces that this is his first flight! In the back of your mind you hope he is pretty terrific. Imagine if you discovered that the airline's hiring practices included just two interviews and a reference check! It's comforting to know that a pilot is put through real-world scenarios in a flight simulator that not only 'say' their skills, but 'demonstrate' them as well.

Job Simulations are much like flight simulators. Both of them allow 'candidates' to experience the key aspects of a job in a controlled, risk free environment. Airlines can not afford 'pilot error'.

Job Simulations are proven to increase accuracy when hiring, to reduce bias and subjectivity in the hiring process, to increase candidate engagement and the probility of retention and to give your organization a competitive advantage in brand awareness.

Steven Jarrett PhD, a senior consultant at Select International, has extensive experience developing, implementing and validating selection solutions. In this article he provides a good overview to help decide if job simulations are right for you and your organization. Should you use a job simulation in your hiring process? Maybe it’s best to ask this question in simpler format. Does your company like to make important decisions with accurate and predictive information? If so, then consider exploring the use of job simulations in your hiring process. We would like to have the opportunity to futher explain our Hiring Process and the success our clients have experienced using our customized workView JobSimulations.

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