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Building leaders from within your organization can have a profound impact on your company. It promotes strength and unity, while also promoting a talent management culture. A strong coaching program and advancement opportunities will help you retain talented employees and help you reach your company’s goals and objectives.

When we work with our clients on an executive coaching assignment, our goal is to help you find the potential within. We collaborate with you and provide guidance, support and accountability. You are the expert – we simply help you gain clarity to enable you to achieve and take ownership of the outcomes!

Our goal is to help managers develop into leaders and reach their potential. We help your managers move from reactionary to strategic and visionary.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching programs help improve work performance and build management skills. We specialize in:

  • On-boarding

  • Change management

  • Conflict resolution

  • Communication skills

  • Time management

  • Growth and development

  • Development of management skills

Dyanmix Profiling

We are available to coach in person or on the phone and guarantee strict confidence. We utilize DYANMIX Individual Profiles to help clients better understand themselves and other. Read more about DYNAMIX here.

Talent Management Methodology

Our talent management methodology follows a process of engagement with each client:

  • Exploratory discussion

  • Establish the ground rules

  • Assess the present situation and clarify client issues and goals

  • Discovery

  • Design and implement a plan

  • Measure and assess results while being flexible to go down new paths

Contact us to find out more about executive coaching programs for your organization!

Hire Quality is a leader in providing recruitment services to public and private organizations to ensure the recruitment, retention and advancement of highly effective senior executives. Contact us for more information 705.734.2698

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