HireQuality Uses DYNAMIX® to Help Individuals & Teams

DYNAMIX® is an effective tool to help clients understand themselves and those they work with in a team environment. HireQuality uses DYNAMIX® in workshops and custom programs including Talent Management and coaching.

DYNAMIX® is based on concepts of psychological types first proposed by Carl G. Jung in the 20th century. The science of human behavior is complex, but a tool like DYNAMIX® provides insight into patterns and preferences that allow us to optimize our communications.

The ability to adjust one’s actions and reactions in an authentic and effective communications is a key to superior individual performance.

Effective communication leads to improved relationship, higher levels of trust, morale and productivity.

Your DYNAMIX® profile will identify your unique communication style using a colour based model.


The second stage of the DYNAMIX® process examines key indicators of success based upon four dimensions of performance criteria; Courage, Growth, Commitment and Discipline. An imbalance in any of these four key indicators of success can create challenges and may require adjustments.

Hire Quality chose DYNAMIX® because it stood out amongst other Psychometric profiles as one that not only creates awareness, but also has very practical applications that translate into behavior changes.

Improved performance in a team begins with identifying critical team strengths and targeting areas to improve to build upon these strengths. Using DYNAMIX® we measure a team’s perspective on their relative strengths and weaknesses in several critical areas.

Contact us to find out more about DYNAMIX® seminars and custom team-building workshops for your organization.

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