Top 6 Tips For Better Hiring in the New Year


The month of January is often a busy time for recruitment, with a huge pool of qualified candidates on the search for a new job. But with the increase in candidates, there is also an increase in competition from other businesses looking to secure new talent for their team.

While you may be looking to add new talent, January also presents a new opportunity to assess your current hiring strategy and make valuable improvements. Here are our top 6 tips for better hiring in the New Year:

  1. Focus on Talent Management. Does your hiring process align with your overall strategic planning? Evaluate your current strategies and ensure that your objectives are clearly defined and that they align with your overall business goals. Ensure that each team member has a clear understanding of their role in your organization and address your plans for compensation and advancement over the next year. Focusing on these points will help you create a motivated, high-performance team that will help you reach your organizational objectives. Building a strong team and aligning your overall strategy are the first steps to successful talent management.

  2. Evaluate Employee Satisfaction. There is a definite link between achieving your business goals and the satisfaction of your team. A highly motivated and well performing team will be happy with their current role, organization, and management, and more willing to work hard to achieve success. Conduct surveys, questionnaires, team meetings and one-on-one conversations to collect feedback. Ensure you are listening to feedback and be willing to make changes based on employee recommendations.

  3. Train and Hire from Within. If you already have a strong team who works well within your corporate culture, invest in those employees with training programs and opportunities for advancement. If you’re willing to provide training and opportunities, employees will be more willing to stick around and grow within their positions. In addition, they will be ready to move up the ranks when opportunities present themselves.

  4. Improve Your Interviewing Practice. If you’ve already decided that your current team does not have the skills or experience to advance, you will be looking at hiring a new employee. Before you sift through the résumés and begin the interview process, evaluate your current interviewing practices. The traditional interview does not allow potential team members to “show you” their skills. Instead, it is based solely on telling you. Using a interview method such as our award winning workView JobSimulations will allow candidates to show you how they would actually perform in the position. It is an audition or tryout for the new position and will allow you to see how the candidate works in different situations.

  5. Change Your Hiring Practices. When a new position opens, are you posting the job on the same websites with similar job descriptions? This type of hiring practices limits the pool of candidates who see your job posting. Job descriptions that are similar can also limit your candidates and will result in either missing out on qualified applicants or causing your to receive tons of applications from unqualified candidates. Think outside the box when you are looking for a new hire. Don’t stick to regular job posting sites – consider social media and business connections to find the right candidate. Most importantly, ensure your job description fits your corporate culture and clearly defines what you’re looking for in a new employee.

  6. Review Your Training Practices. If you do not already have a training program in place, the New Year is the perfect time to implement one. Training programs will allow you to build strong employees that work efficiently as part of a team. HireQuality develops and facilities team workshops to improve communication and effectiveness. From team alignment, to effective meetings and team building, we have many workshops available to help your achieve your goals. Learn more about our team training programs.

Hire Quality partners with clients to build high performance teams by recruiting and selecting new talent and by upgrading current staff through training and development. For more information call 705.734.2698.

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