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The key to talent management is not only in recruiting skilled leaders to fulfill corporate objectives, but also in retaining those skilled leaders and workers. Staff appreciation is a key factor in staff retention, with the added benefits of a motivated and inspired staff.

Red Christmas Baubles

The holidays present the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation, through holiday parties, staff bonuses or gifts. But remember, staff appreciation should take place throughout the entire year, and end with the “big” appreciation near the holidays.

Holiday Parties

No matter your budget, you can show appreciation through a small or large holiday party. For large corporations, a dinner party followed by entertainment is the most common form of holiday party. Try to incorporate staff appreciation into your celebration by recognizing achievements, highlighting your corporate culture through fun photos, and thanking your staff for their hard work over the past year.

Small businesses should also host a holiday celebration. Check for local small business holiday parties, treat your staff to a nice meal at a restaurant or think of a more creative celebration. Whether you decide on a holiday luncheon or even an activity such skating and hot chocolate, your employees will still appreciate the gesture and enjoy the celebration.

Holiday Gifts

Deciding on how to reward your employees through a holiday gift is a difficult decision. A branded piece of company swag may be tempting, but make sure to also include something that would be valuable to your team. If you are not interested in gifting money, consider gift certificates from local businesses near your office, or if you have a smaller office, consider individual gift cards to restaurants or stores favored by each member of your team. Gift cards for outings such as the movies or hockey tickets are also a great option.

If gift cards are not an option for you, aim for personalized gifts that show how well you know your team. A new scarf for the team member who loves to wear a different scarf every day, or new pair of headphones for that team member who loves their ipod - the opportunities are endless.

Larger offices may not be able to individualize gifts in the same way that a smaller office can, but there are still opportunities for relevant gift giving. Rest-assured if you manage a tech-start up your team is likely interested in new tech gadgets. Likewise, a team who works at a recreation facility would enjoy something sports/lifestyle related.

Year-Round Motivation

By ensuring you show your team appreciation throughout the holidays, you will be starting the New Year on a positive note. Keeps the momentum going by getting to know your team, showing praise, and acknowledging special achievements. When you recognize your team effectively, you are reinforcing your company values and paving the way to staff retention.

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