Avoid Hiring Mistakes With Job Simulations

Finding the best leaders to steer a company through rapid growth or major change, selecting Directors for a Board, or even helping an organization founder transition, can be a difficult and costly search.

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You may have already selected the top candidate for the new leadership position with your company. A great interviewer with a great resumé, you are confident that this person will be the perfect addition to your team. But when faced with real issues and challenges, your top candidate fell apart.

This can be a costly hiring mistake and one that can be avoided by using workView JobSimulations™.

What are workView JobSimulations™? Hire Quality’s proven workView JobSimulations is a process that allows clients and candidates to interact and engage with each other over authentic work-related issues. When compared with traditional job interviews, a well-designed job simulation is four times more likely to predict success.

In a traditional interview, candidates tell you what they have done for others. In the simulation process, candidates show you what they can do for you. WorkView Job Simulations™:

  • Provide opportunities for candidates to demonstrate industry knowledge, skills and behaviors

  • Reflect customized issues and challenges

  • Separate good workers from good interviewers

  • Remove personal bias and emotion-based decisions

  • Offer short timelines with minimal business interruption

Hire Quality’s Job Simulations have been used to assess candidates for various industry sectors, including business services, office space, building products, financial, health care and municipal. Job Simulations have been used to successfully recruit candidates for positions such as:

· VP Finance

· VP Operations

· VP Sales

· VP Sales & Marketing

· VP Aftermarket

· Executive Director

· General Manager

· Director of Sales

· Director of Economic Development

View our Case Studies to see how companies have avoided poor hiring decisions or bad career moves by using workView JobSimulations™.

Hire Quality partners with clients to build high performance teams by recruiting and selecting new talent and by upgrading current staff through training and development. For more information call 705.734.2698.

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