Are you directing your future?

New York Times bestselling author and LinkedIn influencer, Daniel Burrus, has a book out about taking a realistic view of your future. He reminds us "Where you look is where you go. Where are you looking?"

In business we spend considerable time on strategic planning. Burrus recommends we look at not only hard trends, and soft trends, but consider how we can reinvent our business. What would happend if we overcame our biggest challenges? How would our business look?

Daniel writes, "flash foresight starts with seeing the certainty of hard trends, and based on that, learning how to anticipate accurately. It also lets you see soft trends, as factors you can influence to shape a better future. But it’s not enough to see hard trends and soft trends, anticipate,transform, go opposite, skip your biggest problems, and reinvent yourself. These are all valuable and vital steps, but there is something larger and more embracing: you need to actively shape your own future."

read Daniel Burrus's article, Direct Your Future to Create Unprecedented Opportunities

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