10 Talent Management Predictions for 2014

January is the time when everyone looks back and breathes a sigh of relief over the challenges conquered from the previous year ... now we can look forward to a new year with new challenges ... but what if we can get ahead of the curve, by anticipating what the 2014 trends will be?

What will 2014 bring your business and how will changes and trends effect you personally, know them now and they may help you later?


Trends are often focused on changes in technology and how we will work differently because of the opportunities those changes bring. Global competition and continued pressure to reduce costs also creates a climate of increased anxiety over employment. Mid-level employees will be looking for assurances and leadership development to keep longer-term career goals in line. Top talent will be looking for bigger and better opportunities.

Forbes magazine has written about the year ahead in, "The Year of the Employee: Predictions For Talent, Leadership, And HR Technology In 2014".

I'd like to share with you their top ten predictions.

  • Talent, skills, and capability needs become global.

  • Integrated capability Development Replaces Training.

  • Redesign of Performance Management Accelerates.

  • Redefine engagement: Focus on Passion and the Holistic Work Environment.

  • Take Talent Mobility and Career Development Seriously.

  • Redesign and Reskill the HR Function.

  • Reinvent and Expand Focus on Talent Acquisition.

  • Continued Explosive Growth in HR Technology and Content Markets.

  • Talent Analytics Comes to Front of the Stage.

  • Innovation Comes to HR. The New Bold, CHRO.

To download the complete 14 page report, click here.

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