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Most search firms provide just what their name implies - candidate search. Hire Quality, however, provides a complete recruitment solution using our unique hiring process of Search, Simulate and Select, all for the same fee as a traditional search firm.


Unlike other search firms, we will not leave you with a pile of candidate resumes and expect you to figure it out on your own. Instead, we work with you through the entire hiring process to ensure you find and hire the best candidate for the job.


By using our proprietary workView JobSimulations™, we take the guesswork out of the hiring process and minimize the risk. Candidates showcase their talent by doing the job, not by interviewing for the job.


What you see here will be what you get on the job!


















SEARCH - Core Competencies:


Key performance indicators are defined in terms of core competencies necessary for high level proficiency. Success criteria is identified and rated in consultation with the management team.


Hire Quality develops a collaborative executive search strategy and industry call lists. We source qualified candidates by using proactive search methods with both online media and targeted recruitment.


SIMULATE - workView JobSimulations™:


Job Simulation scenarios are designed to reflect the real issues and challenges the new hire will encounter.

Short-listed candidates participate in a number of simulations that demonstrate their industry knowledge, skills and behaviours. For example, candidates for a Financial Controller position might be asked to give a presentation on working capital management strategies or be given a plant tour followed by their observations on cost reduction and operational efficiencies. The simulation process has short timelines and minimal business interruption.


Management participates, observes and scores the performance of each candidate.


SELECT - Performance Score Card:


The Performance Score Card is an effective metrics-based tool that allows management to accurately rate candidates' job-related competencies. Scoring focuses on knowledge, skills and behavioural traits related to job success.


Our process incorporates the Realistic Job Preview concept, giving candidates an insight into what it will be like to actually perform a certain job. Job previews protect both candidates and employers from the associated risks of making bad career moves or poor hiring decisions.

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