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"The Hire Quality recruitment process put the candidates into the context of our business - before we hired them. We watched in amazement as high ranking candidates fell away and our third choice became our first! I was extremely impressed by your ability to quickly learn our unique business and create meaningful assessment modules. Your execution was flawless. I was originally referred to you by a business associate who raved about the success of the Hire Quality process. I am now a convert."


Brian Guenther, President, Vibro-Acoustics Inc.




"The process and diligence that Hire Quality brought to this important position was very assuring. The ability for us to fill this was critical to our ongoing success. We were very impressed with the operational situations that were created and how that uncovered the real characteristics of each candidate. The Hire Quality process made sure that we would have the right choice of candidate. Be assured that we will use your services in the future to fill any senior positions."


Steve Blanchet, President, CSR Cosmetic Solutions






"In the past, hiring the right sales people was difficult and met with apprehension. After going through the Hire Quality process, we are more aware of what skills it takes to be a sales person in our organization and more confident and comfortable in our selection."


Ian Pavlik, President, The Pavliks Group





"The Hire Quality process was a revelation. It allowed us to accurately assess candidates under on-the-job conditions. This provided key insight into how the candidates thought and acted under stress while essentially working within our company. Candidates who lacked the necessary experience, creativity and motivation were quickly weeded out. The result was that we hired the top two candidates when we had been looking for only one! We will use Hire Quality every time we need to fill a key position!"


Don Mackrill, President, Control & Metering Ltd.






"The Hire Quality simulation process was in-depth, informative and challenging. It weeded out the want-to-be candidates and kept the hard working and committed individuals. I would strongly recommend this process to anyone who is serious about making the correct hiring decision the first time."


Joe Wilson, VP Sales, Gym-Con Ltd.






"The Hire Quality system is effective and enlightening for all participants. We are fortunate to have learned of this service and will use this program again for both external hires and internal advancement. By doing this we will be better able to avoid square pegs in round holes."


Scott Elliott, CEO, The Sarjeant Company








2010 - present

2010 - present



"The Hire Quality simulation process quickly separates the real players from the wannabees. It has been a very worthwhile investment in both time and money. I would strongly recommend this process to anyone involved in making key hires, particularly within sales organizations."


Dann Olesen


Markdale Tractor Sales

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