Hire Quality assists organization’s in the recruitment of executive and senior management. We have considerable experience in helping clients establish their recruitment needs, gather these requirements into a comprehensive job profile and then utilize the most appropriate recruitment solutions, including the use of our unique workView JobSimulations™, to attract and select the best candidates available.


We`ve developed a diverse clientele with a high level of repeat business. Most of our growth has been through client referrals.


Our award winning workView JobSimulations™ process has achieved an enviable track record in that 85% of the candidates hired through this process have met or exceeded client expectations! This 'interview' method is based on a simple concept - Show Me. It reflects how life really is. In sports, you don't interview for a position on the team, you tryout - you get on the field and show what you can really do. In the entertainment world, you get on the stage and audition for the part. For some reason business has been stuck in the traditional interview mode of having candidates 'talk the talk'. Instead, our workView JobSimulations make candidates 'walk the walk'! This is not an online software solution, but live interaction between candidates and management, candidate and customers and candidates and staff - all with an end goal of examining the key drivers of job success.


How Does Hire Quality Deliver Higher Quality?


Most search firms provide just what their name implies - candidate search. Hire Quality provides a complete Recruitment Solution using our unique hiring process of Search, Simulate, Select. , all for the same fee as a traditional search firm.Unlike other search firms, we will not leave you with a pile of candidate resumes and expect you to figure it out on your own. Instead, we work with you through the entire hiring process to ensure you find and hire the best candidate for the job. By using our proprietary workView JobSimulations™, we take the guesswork out of the hiring process and minimize the risk. Candidates showcase their talent by doing the job, not by interviewing for the job. What you see here will be what you get on the job!



Hire Quality is a leader in providing recruitment services to public and private organizations to ensure the recruitment, retention and advancement of highly effective senior executives.


Our approach is always to build a strong partnership with each client and to provide them with “best in class” talent and executive search services.


Hire Quality has a history of successful searches across an extensive range of practice areas, including Manufacturing, Industrial, Public Sector, Not-for-Profit, Financial Services and Consumer Products.


Whether you’re a local entrepreneur or a multinational concern, we have the insight and experience to help you find regional, national and international leaders for your organization.


Case Studies

There’s a story behind every successful search — given the amount of experience we have, we probably have a client who has faced challenges and seized opportunities like yours.


We’ve captured some of these stories, to illustrate how Hire Quality has helped clients deal with different executive search situations, from finding the best leaders to steer a company through rapid growth.