Reveal Personal Preferences and Behaviors

Hire Quality uses the DYNAMIX individual and team assessment profiles in their Talent Management coaching and training practice. The DYNAMIX tools help clients understand themselves and those they work with, as well as help to identify areas for growth and more effective communications. Hire Quality can deliver workshops and custom programs using DYNAMIX to help teams become more productive. It is also a very effective tool in individual coaching and mentoring relationships.




DYNAMIX is a unique tool because it helps people to elevate their level of self-awareness, which when applied can lead to greater knowledge about the world around you. This knowledge can guide individuals in developing a greater understanding of personal preferences and behaviors, and the projection of preferences is a major factor in determining the quality of the results one can achieve when interacting with other people. Effective communication leads to improved relationships, higher levels of trust, morale and productivity.


Hire Quality chose DYNAMIX because it stood out amongst other Psychometric profiles as one that not only creates awareness, but also has very practical applications that translate into behavior changes.


DYNAMIX is founded upon our understanding of the principles articulated by Dr. Carl Jung. He discovered that there are a number of factors that contribute to superior individual performance. These factors are independent of behavioral preferences and are not limited to specific psychological types.


The Hire Quality DYNAMIX program is designed to help you identify and understand certain preferences and behaviors. This will allow you to make subtle adjustments to what you say and do, and to make very deliberate changes in how you respond to changes in your environment, or the people in your environment. The ability to adjust one’s actions and reactions in an authentic and effective manner is a key to superior individual performance.


Hire Quality also use the DYNAMIX profile in a number of ways to improve:


  • Team Performance

  • Communications on Effectiveness

  • Leadership Development

  • Sales Performance

  • Service Performance

2010 - present

2010 - present

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