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"I have known Margie McCarthy for over six years. My respect for her as a professional sky-rocketed when I worked with her this past fall. I experienced Margie's unique ability to pull the best out of me and focus my attention on my personal and professional strengths and weaknesses. Margie has a remarkable ability to communicate and relate to any professional allowing them to exceed in anything they put their mind too."


Graydon Oldfield, Associate Director, Wealth Management Branch Manager






"I've worked with Margie both one-on-one and as a team member of our Leadership Team. Margie sees in my behavior that hold me back. She calls me on them with tact and grace. Her approach is exactly what I need - equal parts direct and kind. She started our relationship by building the trust I needed to proceed with the most impact, and has maintained a high level of integrity since the beginning. The results of our meetings have been very positive and have been noticed by my colleagues, staff and employer. Margie cares about the success of her clients. Anyone who chooses to work with Margie will benefit from the time they spend with her."


Lisa Ross, Manager, Client Services

Georgian College






"Margie has a magical way of helping you to identify and use your talents. Of course it isn't magic - she is just a really good coach and makes it feel effortless. She can also ask the tough questions that enables those breakthrough moments."


Rebbeca Truax, Director of Philanthropy

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre








"Margie was originally brought in to coach me through a difficult employee issue. As we moved through that issue, our discussions broadened into other areas regarding departmental vision and career progression.

Margie is a great sounding board for ideas and issues and her coaching has allowed me to further develop those ideas. As a result of our discussions I decided to engage her to conduct the DYNAMIX workshop with my team. I had participated in a number of these in the past but have found this one to particularly resonate with the team. This workshop has allowed us as a team to understand how each other approaches issues and to recognize that we are a well rounded team.

It has been almost 2 years since we did the workshop and we continue to refer to it today in terms of how each other is thinking about an issue or opportunity. I have found her coaching to be a great benefit to me and have now expanded this to my management team. They continue to be appreciative of her guidance and have expressed how helpful she has been as their personal sounding board for issues and opportunities. I feel we have become a stronger team as a result of engaging her services. Thank you Margie!"


David Johnson, Chief Information Officer

Georgian College




2010 - present

2010 - present




"In a recent study, training alone improved leadership skills by 22%. When combined with Executive Coaching, improvement jumps to 77%." 


Fortune Magazine

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