Talent Management involves not only recruiting the right people with the best qualifications and fit for your organization. It also means developing your team to their full potential.


Hire Quality has expanded our services to include a Training and Development division. We can now offer clients services through the whole spectrum of Talent Management - from Recruitment to Executive Coaching and Team Training.


Margie McCarthy leads Hire Quality`s Talent Development branch and has over fifteen years of business coaching and team development experience. Her coaching style is grounded in her ability to empathize with people and to accept others for whom they are. She is a strong listener who can hear the real concerns of others and where they think they need to grow. Margie has incorporated DYNAMIX individual and team assessment profiles in her coaching practice. Margie successfully uses these tools to deliver workshops and programs to help teams become more productive. She can help clients understand themselves and those they work with, helping to identify areas for growth and more effective communications.



Executive Coaching

Hire Quality's goal when working on an Executive Coaching assignment is to help clients find the potential that is within.


Our goal is to help managers develop into leaders; to help people reach their potential, moving from reactionary to strategic and visionary. We specialize in on-boarding, change management, conflict resolution, communication skills, time management, growth and development and the development of management skills.

Team Training

We provide customized Team Training Workshops utilizing both the DYNAMIX Individual and Team Profiles. Through these profiles, clients become aware of their own communications styles and how they differ from the people they work with.


They come away with practical actionable solutions to improve their own communication with others and the team's effectiveness.




"Margie has a magical way of helping you to identify and use your talents. Of course it isn't magic - she is just a really good coach and makes it feel effortless. She can also ask the tough questions that enables those breakthrough moments."


Rebbeca Truax

Director of Philanthropy

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre Foundation