Hire Quality specializes in helping companies identify and hire the best candidates through our unique search, simulate and select process. Conversely, our simulations help candidates decide if a job opportunity is right for them. Therefore it`s a win-win for both employers and candidates.


Reduce Career Risk:


Hire Quality job simulations enable candidates to do their due diligence on the job, the company, the industry, the management team and the culture to see if this position is a good fit. Too often candidates accept job offers when they know very little about the role, the expectations or the true nature of the position. workView Job Simulations allow you to experience the key elements of the job pre-hire, to get an ‘insiders’ view. You interact with management and staff over real-life work related issues. You will discover if you have the knowledge, skills and attributes required for success and if the work environment is a good fit. At the end of the day, you will know if this is a good career choice for you.


Our workView JobSimulations level the playing field. Smooth talking candidates with limited skills are quickly exposed. The best candidates are able to demonstrate their ability to positively impact an organization, not just interview for a job. We all know that good interviewers are not necessarily good workers. Our simulations focus on job performance, not interview skills. Our clients often hire candidates who would never get a second interview through a traditional hiring process.


Try Before You Buy:


This 'interview' process will likely require more of you in terms of thought and effort then other jobs you have applied for. The upside is that you will learn more about the job, the industry, the company and their management team then you would have ever thought possible. As well, you will learn a lot about yourself - guaranteed.Each simulation is an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and experience. All of the scenarios apply directly to the job to which you have applied. You are expected to participate in the simulations as an employee of the company, as someone already in the role, not as a candidate for the job. In some of the scenarios, you will have an opportunity to interact and engage with the management and staff in their own personas, to see what they are really like and what the job is all about. You get to try before you buy! Candidates who are truly skilled and confident in their abilities excel in these simulations. Marginal candidates quickly realize that they are lacking in certain abilities and that this job is not for them. Therefore it`s a win-win process!


Candidate Testimonials

"I am convinced that I would not have had any chance at getting this job through a traditional recruiting method. The workView Job Simulations gave me the opportunity to show the employer what I really can do for them and it gave me the confidence to leave a good job knowing where I am going. I am now convinced that this is the way things should be done." Adrian Pop, Engineering Manager, Vibro-Acoustics


Hot Jobs

We have developed a diverse clientele with a high level of repeat business. We have grown almost exclusively through referrals. Our award winning process has achieved an enviable track record in that 85% of the candidates hired through our process have met or exceeded client expectations! Our simulations are customized for each client. They are conducted in person, not online.

On Recruiting

"f I were running a company today, I would have one priority above all others: to acquire as many of the best people as I could [because] the single biggest constraint on the success of my organization is the ability to get and to hang on to enough of the right people."


~ Jim Collins

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