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"Hire Quality's workView JobSimulations is the most comprehensive screening process that I have experienced in 20 years! It is a win-win proposition for both the candidate and the organization. It allows the candidate to demonstrate the necessary skills required for a position under real situations. I would highly recommend this process in evaluating potential candidates for key positions in any organization."


George Borovilis, Director of Economic Development,

Northumberland County






"Having hired many employees and monitored their subsequent performance, it is evident that the traditional hiring process does not always select the best candidate. I believe that the approach Hire Quality takes to finding the right person for the job is the perfect solution. The workView Job Simulations provided me an opportunity to showcase my skills and abilities to the potential employer. I would not hesitate to use this service again or recommend it to others who are taking a serious approach to the recruitment process."


Doug Thomson, Director of Operations,

SuiteWorks Inc.





"The workView Job Simulations enabled me to accurately assess the position applied for and determine if it was truly something I would be interested in and be successful at. I am now better able to leverage areas of strength and pin point skills that need work. I highly recommend Hire Quality’s approach to hiring. The HQ team is a pleasure to work with and the candidate experience and opportunity for growth is extremely positive!"


Kent Proctor, Product Manager,







"I am convinced that I would not have had any chance at getting this job through a traditional recruiting method. The workView Job Simulations gave me the opportunity to show the employer what I really can do for them and it gave me the confidence to leave a good job knowing where I am going. I am now convinced that this is the way things should be done."


Adrian Pop, Engineering Manager,







2010 - present

2010 - present


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"Chance favours the prepared mind.


The more you practice the luckier you become."



~ Richard Branson, Virgin

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