Hire Quality's workView JobSimulations™ allow employers to see candidates in action performing the critical tasks that drive job success. This unique hiring tool will dramatically increase your hiring accuracy and reduce your risk of making a hiring mistake.


Imagine if airlines hired pilots using just a traditional job interview. This would not provide peace of mind at 36,000 feet! Instead, airlines assess potential new hires by putting them in a flight simulator and having them fly the plane! They can then see candidates in action, doing the job.


Prospective employees engage in real on-the-job challenges related to job success. They do the job, not just talk about it.In a similar fashion, Hire Quality builds customized job simulations that allow candidates to demonstrate their skills and abilities for a particular position. For example, candidates for a Regional Sales Manager position might make prospecting calls to potential customers or conduct a sales presentation for an existing account.

Job Simulations

Our proven workView JobSimulations™ process allows clients and candidates to interact and engage with each other over authentic work related issues. By assessing real on-the-job performance, we remove personal bias and emotion-based decisions from the selection process. The good workers are quickly separated from the good interviewers.


DYNAMIX Profiles

Hire Quality uses the DYNAMIX individual and team assessment profiles in their Talent Management coaching and training practice. The DYNAMIX tools help clients understand themselves and those they work with, as well as help to identify areas for growth and more effective communications. 




"We were very impressed with the operational situations that were created and how that uncovered the real characteristics of each candidate. This position was critical to our ongoing success."


~ Jeff Bayley, President & CEO, Canplas Industries