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2010 - present

2010 - present




"With the costs associated in training and possible rehiring, it is imperative that companies have a process in place that assists in fool-proofing the selection process. The Hire Quality process takes away the candidate's canned interview approach and puts them into 'live' interactive scenarios tailored to each company's needs. These work-related interviews force a candidate to showcase their respective talents and make it much more likely to pick a 'star'."


Tom Thordarson

VP Sales

Canplas Industries

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"I've never used a service like this before. It's unbelievable! There are a lot of people who are very good at the interview, but not nearly as capable in executing the job itself. The Hire Quality process puts the candidates in 'live' situations where they show us what they are capable of doing. It was eye-opening!"


John Cameron, President, SuiteWorks Inc.





"Many candidates are well coached for interviews and can present the person that they think you want to see. The Hire Quality process lets us see how they will perform in scenarios that mimic the actual job. The pressure and complexity of the situation usually causes more of the person's true personality to show. I would recommend Hire Quality without hesitation. Their scenario based method has significantly increased our certainty in selecting the best candidates. We do not hire any managers now unless they have been through the Hire Quality process."


Jeff Bayley, President & CEO, Canplas Industries





"The Hire Quality process really caught my attention. It was effective in helping us deal with an important hiring decision. I believe that any organization facing similar significant hiring decisions would benefit from this approach to short-listing candidates and observing them in reality-based work situations."


Rob Hamilton, Former Mayor, City of Barrie






"The Hire Quality concept jumped out at me immediately. It is so logical, yet I had never heard of such a technique. Using an actual simulation of the job to put candidates to the test seems so obvious. I gladly signed on and the results speak for themselves."


Jim McKee, General Manager, Duraflo






"Through the Hire Quality process we learned a great deal about how each candidate reacted under circumstances specific to the job and how they responded to pressure or surprises. The candidates all commented on the benefits of the process."


Barry A. Peacock, Chairman of the Board, Kempenfelt Graphics Group






"We were able to see our Sales Reps 'in action' through Hire Quality's scenarios and to see first-hand how our people performed in different settings. With this information, we were able to design training programs geared specifically to each individual."


Shawn Desroches, National Sales Manager, Kindred Industries