Hire Quality is an Executive Search and Leadership Development firm located in Barrie, Ontario. For twenty years Hire Quality has successfully completed critical searches for in a wide variety of industries and functional areas. Since no two clients are the same, we tailor our search strategy and coaching services to meet our clients' needs. This philosophy – coupled with a passion for client service – is the foundation of our success.


Our experience, knowledge and understanding of how to identify, recruit and develop exceptional talent has helped top organizations achieve their goals. Talented individuals are the heartbeat of any organization. When the right talent comes together in an organization, they can turn into a high-performance team who will take success to the next level. For your business to thrive it’s essential to find and develop key players who match your unique culture and environment.


Hire Quality has in-depth recruitment and leadership development experience. Our principals are experts in their fields, drawing on extensive industry experience to help you make the best possible hiring decisions and to take your team to the next level. We have developed process driven search methodologies and innovative recruitment solutions including our unique workView JobSimulations™.


For the past ten years Hire Quality has successfully integrated customized Job Simulations into the recruitment process. This innovative selection tool has delivered great value to our clients in terms of quality of hire, time to contribution and cultural fit for new employees within their organization. We have client testimonials and case studies that shed further light on the success of this unique addition to the traditional hiring process.



The Hire Quality team has extensive executive search and talent management experience. Our diverse backgrounds, broad industry experience and commitment to customer service, allow us to identify, recruit and develop exceptional candidates for your organization.


Hire Quality has conducted executive search projects for many leading regional clients. Additionally, we are proud to have worked with leading employers across Canada and the United States. 


On Recruiting

"Some people can do one thing magnificently, like Michelangelo, and others make things like semiconductors or build 747 airplanes -- that type of work requires legions of people. In order to do things well, that can't be done by one person, you must find extraordinary people."


Steve Jobs